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NEWS 4/30/14 9:08am

Interfaith community restructures staff, launches new programs

As a part of Elon University’s commitment to a campus wide interfaith dialogue, the Truitt Center is rolling out several new projects and restructuring their chaplain offices. Elon’s efforts to diversify in all aspects of campus life have been dictated by carefully thought-out strategic plans.

NEWS 3/11/14 4:09pm

Elon Founders Day kicks off with College Coffee

Elon University celebrated its 125th birthday with a special College Coffee to honor Earl Danieley, Fred Young and current university president Leo Lambert. Hundreds of students, faculty and alumni gathered on Phi Beta Kappa Commons to hear student body president Welsford Bishopric speak and share in Elon’s birthday cake. “This Founders’ Day is extra special because of the 125th birthday and the beautiful turnout,” said Dianne Ford, a science librarian at Elon.

NEWS 2/13/14 4:10pm

Feds to investigate following coal ash spill

The federal government launched a criminal investigation into the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Duke Energy after thousands of tons of coal ash spilled into the Dan River. The subpoena, issued Feb.

NEWS 2/10/14 9:21pm

In 2014, Governor McCrory looks to lead 'Carolina Comeback'

Gov. Pat McCrory held a press conference Jan. 21 where he laid out his administration’s agenda for the 2014 short session. In the State of the State address last year, McCrory promised to focus on the three E’s: economic growth, education reform and increasing government efficiency.

NEWS 1/23/14 7:12pm

Panel discusses shifts in same-sex marriage

The “Beyond Faith and Reason: Same-sex marriage” discussion on Wednesday night in Numen Lumen Pavilion focused on what religion has to say about homosexuality.  Kate Bruce, assistant professor of sociology at Elon University, led a conversation on the history, morality and future of same-sex marriage. “We’re here to explore how the many religious, moral and family influences go together, and how we reconcile those when we’re set with a vote on same-sex marriage,” Bruce said. Bruce ran through a brief overview of the gay rights movement, noting marriage was not always at the forefront of the campaign.  She said many gay people viewed marriage as inherently oppressive, so they focused their efforts on issues like employment nondiscrimination, custody rights and adoptive rights. The same-sex marriage debate took off on the national stage in 1991, when a lesbian couple in Hawaii sued over the state’s marriage restrictions.  Many religious groups across the United States fired back; saying same-sex marriage violated the sanctity of marriage. Last year was a monumental year for same-sex couples, with 17 states and Washington D.C.

NEWS 1/20/14 7:48pm

Semiconductor technologies key to revitalizing U.S. manufacturing industry

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama announced that North Carolina State University will serve as the head of his manufacturing technologies initiative.  This public-private partnership between universities, companies and research institutions will work to create more efficient and sustainable methods of powering electronics. For the past 50 years, electronic devices have relied on silicon-based semiconductors to convert electrical energy into power.

NEWS 1/20/14 5:25pm

Former faculty member Alexis Kamerman dies in Taliban attack in Afghanistan

Last Friday, Elon University lost former faculty member Alexis Kamerman in an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Kamerman served as assistant director of residence life for the East Residence Area from 2012 to 2013. In June 2013, Kamerman took a job at the American University of Afghanistan.  She wanted to inspire young women to seek higher education.

NEWS 1/13/14 3:38pm

Duke University professor offers unorthodox solutions for U.S. income gap

As a part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. 50th Anniversary Speaker Series, William Darity, Jr. spoke about economic justice Wednesday at Elon.  Darity serves as the chair of the African and African American Studies department at Duke University.  His research focuses on economic inequality. The talk focused on his plan to end unemployment and racially fueled wage discrimination. “The United States is characterized by a long-standing pattern of large structural racial inequality that has deepened further as a result of the economic down-turn,” Darity said. Despite the efforts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the unemployment gap and the racial gap have remained about the same nationwide. The joblessness rate for black male teen high school dropouts is 95 percent, according to Remapping Debate, an advocacy group based in New York. African-Americans with some college education or an associate’s degree earn less than white high school dropouts, on average.

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