Elon Police arrested Elon University freshman Jake Thomas Elliott for felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Elliott was also charged with misdemeanor possession of a fictitious license.

Two separate search warrants for Elliott’s residence were issued on February 11. The first resulted in an arrest for one for up to ½ ounce marijuana and paraphernalia possession, and under the second warrant he was found holding a fake Maryland license and in possession of cocaine. Officers conducted their investigation and arrested Elliott on February 20.

Bond was set at $2,500 and paid the day of the arrest. Elliott waived his right to state assigned counsel and will appear in court on March 12. Elliott is also a suspect in an assault case still under investigation.

Elliott is resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and attended Ardrey Kell High School where he was captain of the football team. Elliott was a walk-on as a linebacker for the Elon Football team, but did not play in any games this past season and left the team three months ago.

“Jake’s a good guy that everybody likes and everyone’s very upset this happened to him. He just got mixed into the wrong stuff and made a mistake,” said freshman Connor Wade, linebacker for Elon Football. “That was not normal behavior of him at all. He will be missed.”

Elliott’s arrest is a part of a string of Elon University drug busts. Three other students were arrested on drug-related charges in February.

Senior Nathan Fisher was arrested for cocaine possession and possession and manufacture of marijuana on February 19. An officer responding to a noise complaint investigated a strong marijuana odor coming from the Oak Hill apartment, resulting in Fisher’s arrest. Elon Police officers seized 4.6 grams of cocaine and 36 grams of marijuana from his apartment.

Earlier in February, freshman David May was arrested for possession of and intent to sell marijuana. May is currently being held on a $1,500 secure bond.

Kenneth Welhaf, a freshman, was arrested for possession of marijuana on February 21 after illegally parking his car in a lot on E. College Avenue. Alamance Towing called Elon Police to investigate a strong marijuana smell and officers discovered marijuana hidden in a dashboard compartment.