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NEWS 2/16/12 5:06am

Community member explores the Alaskan wild

At first, Joe Jacobs was studying pre-dentistry. But after taking a class in marine biology, he realized that he could not imagine spending his life looking into people’s mouths, so he changed his degree to marine biology. By finding his own calling, Jacobs is able to help Elon University students do the same. With so many students studying abroad each year, many different cultures are bound to be experienced.

NEWS 10/25/11 2:57pm

Mind the Gap: Administration aims to increase study abroad participation

"Why did you not study abroad?" This is a question that is being asked by many members of administration of the students who have not done either a winter term or semester abroad during their four years at Elon University. The first point of the Elon Commitment is "an unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement." The administration is aiming for 100 percent of students to have the opportunity to travel abroad during their studies and experience life immersed in a new culture. "We all believe study abroad is very valuable," said Woody Pelton, dean of international programs and director of the Isabella Cannon International Centre.

NEWS 9/28/11 11:16pm

How will the NC constitution read in 2012?

It took less than 48 hours for the N.C. General Assembly to pass an amendment saying marriage is only between a man and a woman. Once that decision was made, the constituents of North Carolina had 5,736 hours to decide what the definition of marriage is before they enter the polls for the May 2012 primary ballots and vote on writing the Defense of Marriage amendment into the state constitution. When voters are deciding whether to approve or reject the amendment, they will only be able to read the first sentence of the amendment on the ballot.

NEWS 9/27/11 10:51pm

New organization intends to show Elon community it's 'better together'

Diversity is used a lot at Elon University in its mission statement, in recent emails from the administration and as a descriptor for the freshman class. One of Elon's organizations, Better Together, is looking to do more than comment on diversity and is designed to promote interfaith cooperation and understanding. The organization was started last year by alumnus Zac Jordan, Class of 2011.

NEWS 9/13/11 11:51pm

Lesson from tragedy: living with feeling

People will never forget Sept. 11, but for Linda Lashendock, Elon University's manager of video services and event production, it is a day that completely changed the direction of her life. Lashendock had been working at the CNN D.C.

NEWS 8/24/11 11:05pm

Student leaders and incoming director of new students work together to continue tradition of orientation week

The incoming freshman class and their parents get a chance to see one of the traditions that makes Elon University unique—when upperclassmen involved with the New Student Orientation program help carry students' belongings into their dorms. The New Student Orientation team consists of 16 members of Head Staff and 101 Orientation Leaders. These upperclassmen start arriving to campus as early as August 12 to prepare for freshman orientation week. "The training week is so important for Orientation Leaders because it provides them with the tools they need to facilitate their sessions with new students," said Lauren King, head team captain of New Student Orientation. All of these students are led by Katie Hight, director of new student programs, who began the position this fall. "Orientation week is really important for the incoming students because it allows them to learn about Elon, get connected with the university and their peers and really become part of the community," Hight said. As director, Hight is responsible for helping to hire, recruit and train student leaders, manage the program's budget, coordinate evaluations, organize entertainment groups and schedules and be a point person for the students involved with the New Student Orientation program. Even though Hight is new to her position, she is not new to Elon's orientation program: she graduated from Elon University in 2007 after serving as an OL and a member of Head Staff. "I have gotten to experience Elon's orientation program in many ways now," Hight said.

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