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NEWS 4/4/16 3:09pm

Greensboro rallies against House Bill 2

GREENSBORO - Hundreds of people packed College Park Methodist Church for the Greensboro rally against House Bill 2 as members of the North Carolina community continue to speak out against North Carolina's newest law. The bill, which passed on March 24 in an emergency legislative session of the N.C.

NEWS 2/15/16 6:00pm

Philanthropy differs greatly among Elon's fraternities and sororities

[youtube=] Fraternities and sororities across the country often tout philanthropy as one of their essential values and it's no different here at Elon. Alaina Schukraft is one of the thousands of active students in fraternity and sorority life at Elon who takes pride in her sorority's work with its philanthropy. "I think it's the passion that each and everyone of my sisters has for St.

NEWS 12/9/15 3:15pm

Immigration in Alamance County creates divides and support systems

It's a quick and simple transaction for most people. You hand your ID to the bank teller and deposit your paycheck but for Drucila Perez, this simple transaction stirred up enough fear to bring her to tears. "I showed my expired my driver's license and the teller told me 'Why are you driving with an expired driver's license?' so I just put my head down and started to cry," she said. More than two thousand miles from home and without legal authorization to be there, Drucila feared her time in the United States was coming to an end. [youtube=] Chiapas is the southernmost state in Mexico and home to the largest indigenous population in the country.

NEWS 10/1/15 12:28pm

Amendment to HB 318 could keep local ID program running

A new amendment added to House Bill 318 could quell some of the concerns local law enforcement officers had regarding ID cards. As Elon Local News reported on Monday, the controversial HB 318, the Protect North Carolina Workers Act, is a bill to make stricter rules for employers that are verifying whether or not their employees can legally work in North Carolina.

NEWS 9/29/15 11:59pm

House Bill 318 Update

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 29, House Bill 318 has been ratified by the N.C. General Assembly and is to be presented to Governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday morning. Short titled, Protect North Carolina Workers Act, the bill aims to make stricter rules for employers that are verifying whether or not their employees can legally work in North Carolina and also includes a section that tightens rules regarding the forms of identification that government and law enforcement officers can accept. That second part is an issue that concerns local law enforcement in Alamance County, who have recently began issuing and accepting alternative ID cards in the area.

NEWS 8/24/15 2:38pm

Construction changes up move-in day

Turning the key in the door with a small click, Sidney Hager enters her room for the first time. She sets down the boxes in her arms and before heading back out to retrieve the rest of her things, she takes a quick look out her window. In the foreground is several other students just like her, carrying suitcases and boxes into the neighboring hall, West.

NEWS 7/3/15 7:18pm

European grocery coming to Alamance

Alamance County will be the home to one of the best-known grocery stores in Europe, bringing an estimated 200 new jobs to the area. Governor Pat McCrory, North Carolina Commerce Secretary John E.

NEWS 7/2/15 8:40pm

Two dead just outside Elon

Police found a man and a woman dead inside their home on Walker Rd. in an apparent murder-suicide, Thursday afternoon July 2. According to Alamance County Sheriff, Terry Johnson, both victims, a husband and his wife, were found with gunshot wounds.

NEWS 6/26/15 5:04pm

NC reacts to same-sex marriage ruling

Just three years ago, North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment stating that the state could not recognize or perform same-sex marriages or civil unions.

NEWS 6/24/15 10:26am

Summer concert series promotes "Elon scene"

Class is out and most students have returned home, but Downtown Elon is looking to keep the streets "alive" this summer. For the third time, Downtown Elon merchants are partnering with Elon Parks and Recreation to put on Alive After 5, a summer concert series. Quinn Ray, the General Manager of The Root says the goal of the event is to attract the community members and students still on campus to downtown and keep the area thriving while the university isn't in session.

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