Police found a man and a woman dead inside their home on Walker Rd. in an apparent murder-suicide, Thursday afternoon July 2.

According to Alamance County Sheriff, Terry Johnson, both victims, a husband and his wife, were found with gunshot wounds. The man was found with the gun in his hands.

According to Johnson, the police were alerted to the incident when the husband called to report that he had shot his wife and was going to turn the gun on himself. He said the SWAT team arrived four minutes later, did a search of the house and found the two victims dead.

Family has identified the victims as Kevin Simmons, 53 and Cathy Simmons, 52. The two victims were the only residents of the home at 752 Walker Rd.

According to Johnson, murder-suicides are uncommon in Alamance County.

"Most of the time you just have a suicide not shooting somebody and shooting someone else," Johnson said.

The sheriff said the next steps will be finishing the investigation as if it was a double homicide.

"It's no doubt the woman was shot and the guy shot himself," he said. "We have to go in we have to take pictures, take the cellphone in there to see if that phone was used to call 911. We try to do a complete investigation."

Walker Rd. is on the north border of the Town of Elon, just outside the city limits.