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NEWS 12/1/15 11:48am

'Who am I to know these things?'

There’s a very real phenomenon called imposter syndrome, coined in 1978 by U.S. psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. According to the New York Times, for them it meant a feeling of falseness “in people who believe that they are not intelligent, capable or creative despite evidence of high achievement.” For me, it means constantly fearing that I’m not as intelligent as my grades and test scores say.

NEWS 8/26/15 9:18am

Experiences over expectations

Coming into college, many of us were told, “Watch out for the Freshman 15,” those pounds you may or may not pick up after late-night snacks and forgetting to go to the gym for a few weeks in a row. It doesn’t end with freshman year, though.

NEWS 8/22/15 2:56pm

Residence Life makes construction-free changes

The pile of dirt outside McEwen Building, affectionately referred to as Mount McEwen, is only one of the latest in a long series of changes Elon University has made in the past few years. Many of these changes have called for extensive construction projects, but the latest adjustments from Residence Life are more low-profile.

NEWS 7/27/15 2:18pm

Netflix to edit video offerings in August

Leo fans, prepare yourselves. We’re sorry to have to say this, but “Titanic” is sailing away from Netflix. Beginning August 1st, Netflix will lose several programs, the most notable of which is the epic “Titanic.” But it’ll be okay, everyone.

NEWS 4/8/15 9:26pm

'Group X' instructors lead student-focused exercise classes

Junior Ben Neikirk likes to arrive at his classes 45 minutes to an hour early. He isn’t there to sit behind a desk, though — he’s a Group X instructor, and he’s there to teach. Before his students arrive, Neikirk writes a new class plan and builds the perfect playlist. “Most of the people that do come to my classes come regularly,” he said.

NEWS 2/6/15 1:36pm

Review: ‘Tapped Out!’ demonstrates talent, exuberance

Tap dancers dressed as Mario and Luigi, an all-female rendition of Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes,” and a dance choreographed to Matt and Kim’s “Daylight.” These pieces, among others, were featured in “Tapped Out!,” a medley that combines tap and vocal performances into a short show that showcases some of the best performers Elon University has to offer. During the last weekend of Winter Term, select faculty and students from Elon’s Department of Performing Arts performed their yearly rendition of “Tapped Out!” There were only four performances, which were split between Friday and Saturday, Jan.

NEWS 1/26/15 11:49am

Fresh script, innovative design rejuvenate classic

This Winter Term, Elon University’s Performing Arts Department has taken on a new challenge: remaking a classic. Sophocles wrote “Antigone” around 440 BC, and the tragedy has been the definition of a true classic for the nearly 2,500 years that have passed since.

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