Did you notice that new playlist on Spotify this morning? Yeah, we did, too.

Called “Discover Weekly,” the playlist is Spotify’s latest effort to introduce its users to new music. Each week, the playlist will refresh, introducing you to music that you — presumably — will like.

According to a press release by the music streaming service, Spotify selects songs for “Discover Weekly” based on your taste in music and what people who like the same songs are listening to. This blend of songs you already like and songs you probably will like is designed to help you find new songs and artists to love without dumping you into a sea of unfamiliar beats. So, while you could hear that Cody Simpson song you always hated, you might also hear a cover of that same Simpson song that you love.

“Discover Weekly” is like other Spotify playlists in that Premium subscribers can make it available offline, share it with friends or save it for always. Actually, if you really love a particular week’s mix, you should save it while you can, because at the end of the week it’ll be replaced with the next week’s playlist.

As of its July 20 launch, we’ve only been able to try one of “Discover Weekly’s” attempts at telling us what to listen to. And so far, we’re impressed. But that doesn’t mean this new feature is perfect.

The biggest question we have is, how does Spotify decide which songs to base its selections off of? Will listening to “Popular” from “Wicked” two or three (dozen) times in the shower mean our weekly playlist will be full of show tunes from performers who aren’t Kristin Chenoweth? Only time will tell.

Luckily, you have the option to “unfollow” the playlist if you decide Spotify doesn’t know you, or your music taste.

Spotify says, “It’s like having your best friend make you a personalised mixtape every single week.” Yeah, OK, Spotify. We’ll see.