Tap dancers dressed as Mario and Luigi, an all-female rendition of Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes,” and a dance choreographed to Matt and Kim’s “Daylight.”

These pieces, among others, were featured in “Tapped Out!,” a medley that combines tap and vocal performances into a short show that showcases some of the best performers Elon University has to offer.

During the last weekend of Winter Term, select faculty and students from Elon’s Department of Performing Arts performed their yearly rendition of “Tapped Out!” There were only four performances, which were split between Friday and Saturday, Jan. 23-24, in the Black Box Theatre.

Some, such as “Cole’s Stroll” and “Let’s Go!” had large ensembles, while others, such as “Fix You/Titanium Mash-Up,” consisted of only three performers. There was no set or background, and all props had to be carried onto the stage at the beginning of their respective performances and removed at the end.

This minimalist set left the spotlight free for the performers to steal. They impressed the audience with their talent and the obvious joy they found in performing. Highlights of the show included:

“Ain’t He Sweet” combined tap and vocal performance and featured a symphony of kazoos and slinkies. While freshman vocalist Natalia Katz sang the praises of her favorite young gentleman, talented tap dancers accompanied her using slinkies as instruments. The piece ended with a beautiful kazoo solo by sophomore Ashley Abrams.

“Fix You/Titanium Mash-Up” came right after “Ain’t He Sweet.” The simplicity of this elegant vocal performance stood in stark contrast to the unique instrumentation of the one that came before. As the lights came on, the large ensemble of dancers and kazooists had disappeared, replaced by three vocalists: sophomores Monica Poston, Lexi Carter and Caleb Albert. They had no microphones, but their voices filled the Black Box.

“Send Me Some Lovin.” This piece was choreographed and performed by junior Dan Lusardi. The trumpet playing of freshman Byron Ross accompanied him, but all eyes were on Lusardi’s tap dancing.

“‘Young Volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy” had no dancing. Instead, seven women stepped onto the stage. Five freshmen, Chloe Robin, Christine Lane, Lexi Carter, Mara Wilson and Megan Flynn, sang the 2013 pop rock song, accompanied by sophomore musicians Andie Huebsch and Monica Poston. Their light, bouncing voices blended together melodically with the empowering song and filled the small theater.

The next performance broke the peace with “‘Young Volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy.” The familiar childhood tune from “Super Mario Bros” began and tap dancers dressed as characters from the timeless games rushed onto the stage. The characters formed teams, and tap-dance battles broke out across the stage. Senior Amber Schmiesing choreographed the piece, and the dancers’ expressions made it obvious that this was a dance that was fun for everyone involved.

Following this ground-shaking tap performance was senior Jadi Curtis’ rendition of “‘Cry’ by Faith Hill.” Curtis stood alone at the center of the stage and sang with a voice full of emotion. Even without a microphone, her voice echoed throughout the theater.

The other performances were equally entertaining, and each stood out from the others. All were performed with care, and the ensemble’s happiness spread through the crowd contagiously. The lighthearted performances of “Tapped Out!” showed the audience how much the singers and dancers truly enjoy performing.