The cutest little ring bearer just bore some rings, shattering our hearts in the process. (But really. Tears have been shed.)

Scarlet Payne, 7, served as the ring bearer at the wedding between her mother, Kait Villegas-Payne, and Bobby Villegas. We’re not even going to comment on the fact that the role of the ring bearer — which is usually filled by a boy — was filled by a little girl (though that is totally kickass, as plenty of other websites have already said).

Instead, we’re going to celebrate the glory of little Scarlet’s outfit. Because, good lord, the girl — and the rest of the wedding party, honestly — has style.

We’re going to start with her classy silver flats. Good choice, Scarlet. Functional, not too flashy, and you can definitely wear those again.

Next, her pants. Another solid choice. They were navy, slim cut, with a nice crop at the ankle that really showed off the flats. Paired with an attractive light blue-gray blazer over a white button-down, the whole outfit really said, “Get out of my way, I’ve got rings to bear and gender norms to crush.”

But the accessories really made the outfit. Her bow tie (yes, she wore a bow tie because she is phenomenal) matched the groom’s tie and pocket square. The pairing was a nice touch that really brought the whole wedding party together.

We’ve already determined that Scarlet Payne is a style star who doesn’t particularly care for your gender roles. She’s going to be the ring bearer at her mother’s wedding, and the rest of the world can just deal with it. But that doesn’t mean Scarlet doesn’t like a little femininity in her look.

She topped off the adorable pants-blazer-bow-tie look with gold earrings and a topknot that literally had some of us crying. And because life is glorious, a cluster of flowers that matched the flowers in her mother’s bouquet was pinned to her bun. With the braided up-do and side-swept bangs, Scarlet definitely won today’s “Best Hair on the Internet” Award.

Of course, Kait’s dress, with its tiered chiffon skirt, also blew us away. And we’re not even going to get into the groom’s red shoes. All together, the three-person wedding party showed us all that bigger is not always better.

If you want to read the whole story and cry happy tears, check out A Practical Wedding’s full article. If you’re too lazy (really, we don’t blame you), just know that Kait called her daughter her “ride or die.”

Cue the tears.