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NEWS 9/2/15 2:30pm

Solar panels at Loy Farm University still not producing energy

The nearly 10,000 solar panels installed at Loy Farm last spring have not produced any energy, despite the initial projection date of generating power back in May. According to Robert Buchholz, Elon University’s associate vice president for facilities management and director of Physical Plant, 314 panels still need to be installed, but Duke Energy has been asked to start using the panels that are already set up.

NEWS 6/24/15 9:47am

Elon summer construction should prompt wide eyes in fall

Picture arriving on campus for the upcoming fall semester. There are so many changes to formerly familiar buildings on campus, and you can’t imagine how it all was done in three months. There is a whole new part of Daniel Commons with an Einstein Bros Bagels, and Danieley Neighborhood added a huge gym.

NEWS 11/10/14 10:35pm

Offshore wind energy offers renewable energy alternative

Energy prices are increasing in densely populated areas across the country. With these increases, some communities are looking towards cheap, renewable energy options such as wind energy — more specifically, offshore wind turbines. Aileen Kenney, vice president of permitting and environmental affairs at Deepwater Wind, an American offshore wind company, spoke to a handful of students Monday evening about her company’s endeavors to reduce U.S.

NEWS 10/28/14 8:28pm

Stanford professor discusses political divides in United States federal legislature

As election season swings into season around Elon University, a visitor from the opposite coast chose an apt time speak to students about the growing political divide in the United States. Professor Doug McAdam from Stanford University visited Elon University on Monday evening to talk about the growing political divide in the United States legislature and the current threats to democracy in America that he discuses in his recently co-authored book, “Deeply Divided America: Racial Politics and Social Movements in the Post-War Era.” “When former president Jimmy Carter said America no longer has a functioning democracy, people thought he was crazy,” McAdam said.

NEWS 10/15/14 7:29pm

Construction motion passed, to take away Oaks parking

After hearing arguments last week, the Town of Elon Board of Aldermen passed a motion permitting construction on the area of land next to Skid's Restaurant, taking 30 parking spaces away from the Oaks Neighborhood lot in the process. The land is currently owned by Elon University, and the construction will take away 30 parking spaces from the Oaks Neighborhood parking lot.

NEWS 10/8/14 7:00pm

Uneven laundry facilities irk students

Students at Elon University have begun to notice the inequality in laundry accommodations across campus. With some students receiving free laundry as others have to dole out quarter after quarter in the same building, residents are frustrated.

NEWS 10/7/14 9:54am

Proposed construction takes away Oaks parking

Arguments to clear the way for a new mixed-use building next to Skids that would take parking away from The Oaks Apartments were heard at the public hearing at the Board of Alderman meeting Monday at the Elon Town Hall. Elon-based EDG Properties wants to construct a multi-level storefront with living spaces in upper floors, as permitted by new zoning laws passed this fall.

NEWS 9/24/14 10:49pm

Germany's consul general talks transatlantic trade at Elon

With the international economy becoming more and more intertwined, Consul General Christoph Sander of the Federal Republic of Germany came to Elon University Wednesday evening to talk transatlantic trade and ongoing economic issues within his home country. The Business German Speaker Series worked with the Student Professional Development Center to bring Sander to campus.

NEWS 9/18/14 8:30pm

'Can I Kiss You?' answers consent questions at Elon

In a time when sexual assault issues are dominating college campuses across the country, the founder of a national company dedicated to raising awareness of consent and other issues paid Elon University a visit Wednesday. Called “Can I Kiss You?” the talk, brought to campus Wednesday evening by SPARKS Peer Education, allowed founder of The Date Safe Project, Mike Domitrz,  to raise awareness among students regarding the risks for sexual assault and accountability issues for bystanders. “Our main goal is teaching students to learn how to intervene, ask and open the door for survivors.” Domirtz said. It was a joint effort of the SPARKS team to bring Domitrz to Elon during a crucial time to inform students, but especially freshmen, during “the red zone” of the first six weeks of school for sexual assault. “We wanted to incorporate it during orientation,” Kaufmann said.

NEWS 9/15/14 10:41pm

El Centro celebrates Central American independence

To celebrate Central American independence, El Centro hosted a cultural jubilee outside Lakeside Dining Hall Monday evening. Held on the 193rd anniversary of Central America’s declaration of independence from Spain and at the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, the celebration included Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua. The event featured Hispanic food made by El Centro students, including a taco bar, coconut balls, baleadas from Honduras, gallo pinto from Costa Rica and flautas from Mexico. Students from all over campus came to enjoy the free food and experience the Hispanic culture.

NEWS 9/3/14 6:29pm

Town of Elon, university move a step closer to rezoning

The latest step of the Town of Elon and Elon University’s ambitious joint makeover fell into place Tuesday, as the Board of Aldermen’s zoning committee found in favor of four rezoning requests to permit taller, mixed-used buildings downtown and in the surrounding area. The committee’s approval will bring the matter before the Board of Aldermen next week for an official vote. The fourth, and largest, motion applied to the eight-block area of downtown Elon bordered by Williamson, W.

NEWS 8/22/14 9:28am

Move-in day 2014 brings active orientation leaders

The never-ending line of students waiting to get keys to their homes for the next 10 months reminds everyone on Elon University’s campus that move-in day for the 2014-2015 school year has arrived. While some upperclassmen try to avoid the swarm of freshmen, others revel in the spirit of move-in day. “I love move-in day.

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