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NEWS 5/1/12 1:45pm

Beijing temple recreates ancient ritual experience

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing reproduces the God of Heaven Praying Ceremony year round for tourists and visitors to experience the ritual of a music and dance tradition. The ceremony was designed to preserve as much of the original atmosphere as possible.

NEWS 5/1/12 1:27pm

International Briefs - May 2, 2012

Dutch businesses forbidden to sell cannabis to international tourists Dutch authorities have passed a law that prohibits foreigners from buying cannabis, or marijuana, in the Netherlands.

NEWS 4/25/12 1:00am

Correspondents' Corner - April 25

Leigh Iler London — When people travel abroad, they often want to try local cuisines.  While England is known for certain dishes, including fish and chips and shepherd’s pie, the London area also has an assortment of ethnic options.  In addition to foreign foods, McDonald’s golden arches can be spotted on practically every street corner.   There are other chains in the city, including Domino’s, KFC and even Krispy Kreme.  This doughnut establishment, founded in North Carolina, is a warm reminder of home.  If only London had Cookout, I would never need to return.  Needless to say, one can eat a variety of foods while in London, both native and ethnic. Rebecca Cummings Yokohama, Japan — We are in Japan, our last port of the semester, and we are squeezing every experience and  moment out of it. Right now is also peak cherry blossom season, and people have traveled from all over the country and other Asian nations to see them here in Yokohama.

NEWS 4/25/12 12:00am

International Briefs - April 25, 2012

Guantanamo Bay prisoners transferred to El Salvador The United States transferred two Chinese prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to El Salvador after holding them for a decade with no charges. China urged other countries not to accept the two men into their nations, but the El Salvadoran government agreed to let them settle down there in their own homes. The men’s attorney said they are happy in their new home in El Salvador. The Pentagon announced that with the departure of these two men, the Guantanamo prison population is now 169. Israel honors Holocaust victims Israelis celebrated Yom Hashoa, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 19 throughout the country.

NEWS 4/3/12 8:23am

International Briefs - April 4, 2012

Canada says goodbye to the penny Jim Flaherty, finance minister of Canada, announced March 29 that the country will stop producing and distributing pennies to banks and businesses this fall.

NEWS 3/27/12 7:36am

Correspondents' Corner - March 28

Rebecca Cummings SINGAPORE — Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world, has one of the best health care systems and has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. It is a country in which we have been told it is ok to drink the water, which is a rarity.

NEWS 3/27/12 7:30am

International Briefs - March 28

Social upset in El Salvador El Salvador has been recognized as one of the most dangerous countries in Central America due to drug cartels and gang violence, but recently the death toll has dropped dramatically,  causing suspicion that the government has made secret agreements with the gang leaders to stop the killing. Neighboring countries’ authorities have accused the government of partnering with the drug cartels and gangs, which has caused distrust and unease throughout El Salvador.

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