Opposition to Anti-Kony video

A recent video highlighting Joseph Kony’s ruthless behavior as the leader of the rebel army in Uganda has provoked criticism from Ugandans. The video, made by the Invisible Children organization, went viral March 5 and had 50 million hits after three days.

But Ugandans said it omits important elements of their complex history that inform the world how Kony was able to achieve power. Originally, Kony waged war against Uganda’s army, which had been known for brutally attacking human rights, but according to Ugandans, this aspect of their past is frequently overlooked.

Venezuelan inmates release hundreds of captured relatives

Approximately 1,200 relatives of inmates were released from a Venezuelan prison March 7. The inmates seized the relatives March 4 during visiting hours after attempting to negotiate human rights with prison authorities.

Venezuelan prisons have been the subject of contention since a riot killed 22 people last year.

Afghan police officer kills nine colleagues in Taliban terror plot

An Afghan policeman allowed Taliban insurgents to sneak into a room full of sleeping police officers and kill nine of his colleagues.

The policeman under investigation was serving the night shift at a checkpoint in Uruzgan Province in southern Afghanistan. Authorities believe the policeman to be a Taliban infiltrator, and they are seeking his whereabouts to press charges.

Pope denounces the moral teachings of American bishops

Pope Benedict XVI, who is adamently against premarital sex and homosexual marriage, referenced American politics March 9 when he denounced that American bishops needed to push the ideals of no premarital sex and no gay marriage harder than they had been. He said there was an intense and sudden need for Catholics to promote chastity as well as a lack of proper teachings by American bishops on the subject. These remarks come at a politically-charged time with the upcoming November elections.

Power plants shut down in Japan to eliminate nuclear energy use

Japan shut down all but two of its 54 commercial reactors, and the last two reactors are scheduled to become idle as soon as next month. The nuclear energy industry provides one-third of Japan's electricity, but after the nuclear disaster that came as a result of a tsunami last year, Japan has decided to temporarily shut down its plants.

Japan has plans to gradually phase out nuclear energy power over the coming decades. Bin Laden’s three wives charged with illegal immigration

Bin Laden's three wives were charged with illegal immigration March 8 after entering into Pakistan with their children.

The families are under house-arrest in the capital of Pakistan, but the children have not been prosecuted.

The wives failed to present legal travel documents necessary for entering the country.