Taliban attacks Afghan capital

The Taliban carried out a series of seven attacks on the Afghan capital April 15. NATO bases, Parliament and western embassies were targeted. The latest report claims two people have been killed and five wounded in Kabul, where fighting was still going strong. Three other eastern cities were also attacked in nearly simultaneous assaults. Explosions, gunfire and suicide bombers have flooded into the Afghan capital, which has been heavily guarded for months.

Spanish king receives criticism for expensive elephant hunting trip

The Spanish king, Juan Carlos, 74, received nationwide criticism for his expensive elephant hunting trip to Botswana amid the country’s financial woes. To make matters worse, during the trip, he survived an accident that forced him into hip replacement surgery upon returning to Spain. His son, Prince Felipe, 44, will take over as temporary king for the month while he recovers. Spanish media is condemning the actions of Juan Carlos as anti-diplomatic and highly detrimental to the country.

Troops attack South Sudanese town

Sudanese troops attacked and briefly occupied a South Sudanese village on the border of the two countries following a series of clashes between the nations. Sudan was hoping to open new fronts along the border, but South Sudan continues to fight against them. Last July, South Sudan declared independence from Sudan, and there have been attacks and conflict between the two nations ever since.

Russians protest election fraud through support of hunger strike

Thousands of Russians gathered in the city of Astrakhan April 14 to protest election fraud and to support the hunger strike of the politician who claims he rightfully won the election. Oleg Shein said he was the victim of election fraud last month that denied him his earned position as mayor. Support for him has strengthened in recent weeks. Thousands approve of his hunger strike, although doctors fear for his health as he becomes increasingly weak.

England launches memorial ship in honor of Titanic’s 100th anniversary

Balmoral, a cruise ship honoring the memory of the passengers of the Titanic, took 1,309 travelers on the same route the Titanic took 100 years ago. Two memorial services were performed aboard the ship, one at the exact time the Titanic hit the iceberg and the other at the exact time it sunk underwater. The ship launched from England, but passengers came from near and far to experience the trip. Balmoral recreated the atmosphere of the Titanic, minus the disaster, and many people dressed in period costumes for large balls and dinners onboard. The ship hopes to provide healing and empathy for those affected and those onboard the Titanic.

First speech by North Korean leader

North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong-un, made his first public speech April 15 and told the nation of his desires to strengthen the military. He also reinforced the point that supremacy in military expertise was “no longer monopolized by imperialists.”Jong-un’s speech came two days after the launch of their internationally-debated missile disintegrated midair, proving they may have further to go than the nation originally thought.