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NEWS 9/10/14 8:44pm

Campus Safety and Police focus on preventative technologies

After a relatively restful summer, Campus Safety and Police are getting back into the swing of things with new equipment, enforcing old policies and keeping students safe.  The biggest changes in regards to law enforcement on campus are the body cameras that Campus Police and Security officers wear now.

NEWS 8/27/14 4:34pm

‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ movement comes to Elon

Nearly three weeks after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by police on August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri, the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement has arrived at Elon University, in the form of more than 100 people posing for an awareness-raising photo on Phi Beta Kappa Commons Tuesday during the first College Coffee of the new school year. The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (APA) brought the movement to Elon’s campus, beginning at College Coffee on August 26.

NEWS 8/22/14 9:16am

Elon Core Curriculum replaces General Studies program

An overhaul of general studies courses at Elon University has resulted in a new Core Corriculum, which will take effect this fall. According to Jeffrey Coker, director of the Core Curriculum, the changes are mostly just in the name, but there are also some changes to the General Studies — GST -— seminar courses.  The new Core Curriculum offices in the Global Neighborhood will hopefully forge the way for interaction and integration, Coke said.

NEWS 7/24/14 1:21pm

Affordable Health Care decisions explained

On July 21, two United States appeals courts issued conflicting rulings on the availability of subsidies that help many Americans afford health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Here is a breakdown of the decision, which could potentially affect millions. What was the issue? The cases centered on the Affordable Care Act, specifically a part of the law that says subsidies will be available “Through an exchange established by the state.” The law does not specifically say if those signing up on the federal exchange are also eligible. Opponents of the law challenged the Internal Revenue Service’s interpretation of the law, saying subsidies can only be offered through state-based exchanges. Proponents of the law say the lawmakers intended for subsides to be offered by both federal and state exchanges. Currently, only 14 states and the District of Columbia have their own exchanges, which means the decision could affect the 4.7 millionAmericans who signed up through the federal exchange. What was the decision? The D.C.

NEWS 7/14/14 11:08am

Summering at Elon

When I decided to stay at Elon University for the summer, I was expecting to be fairly bored. I've never been the type of person who enjoys sitting around doing nothing, but since most of my friends are living the glamorous intern life in Munich or New York or Los Angeles, I resigned myself to a life of work, sleep and television. But within a week of arriving, I began to realize that this summer might not be as boring as I thought. I soon ran into an acquaintance of mine from freshman year.

NEWS 4/19/14 12:31pm

Europeans prepare for Eurovision Song Competition

The United States has many reality singing competitions, The Voice, American Idol and the X-Factor are all extremely popular, but none of these shows are as popular as the Eurovision Song Competition in Europe. Held once a year at the beginning of May, over 170 million people tune in to watch their country compete in the live show. When Elon junior Maggie Macdonald attended boarding school in Scotland, she was introduced to the phenomenon and since then has been a huge fan of the competition. “It gets very intense during Eurovision,” Macdonald said.

NEWS 3/20/14 3:42pm

U.S wins 2 gold medals in Paralympics

Evan Strong grew up in Hawaii with dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder. Ten days before his 18th birthday his dreams were shattered when he was struck by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle.

NEWS 3/19/14 2:35pm

When opportunity Knox

Earlier this year, a freshman at Duke University was outed to the school, and later to the rest of the country, for acting in adult films to pay her tuition. Media outlets flocked to the story.

NEWS 3/4/14 10:58pm

CCM, LEAF host Mardi Gras party

More than 100 people attended a Mardi Gras party sponsored by Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) and Lutherans, Episcopalians and Friends (LEAF) at Elon March 4. Mardi Gras (the French term for Fat Tuesday) is a tradition in the Christian faith, celebrating the time before the Lenten season.

NEWS 3/4/14 7:17pm

Winter Term 2015 offers new study abroad opportunities

March 5, the Global Education Center unveiled its Winter Term study abroad programs for 2015 at the Winter Term study abroad fair. This year there are more programs being offered than ever before, including the first upper level GST study abroad course, among several others. Bill Burress, assistant director of international programs at the Global Education Center, said he is very excited for Winter Term 2015. “We have a really good variety of courses this year,” Burress said.

NEWS 2/19/14 1:32pm

When school is out, snowballs fly on Young Commons

Classes were canceled, and Elon University’s Young Commons was blanketed in snow. Within a matter of seconds, what was once a quiet scene of fresh snowfall became a full-fledged battlefield, and white balls of fluff were flying in every direction.

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