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NEWS 1/23/14 10:04am

Elon's Colonnades neighborhood hosts 'Walk around the World'

The Colonnades' residential neighborhood hosted "Walk around the World" Wednesday, Jan. 23 in an effort to embrace diversity among students. The event promoted Elon's global awareness toward diversity and against discrimination following the events involving hate messages early last semester. Shena Lucero-Keniston, the resident assistant of first floor Kivette, explained the goal of the evening. "We are trying to expand people's knowledge of other cultures in order to foster that inclusive community," Lucero-Keniston said. Out of the fifteen residential halls in the Colonnades Neighborhood, thirteen of them participated in this event. Students at the event played games and ate food as they "traveled around the world" in Colonnades neighborhood. Small passports were handed out for participants to collect stars when they travelled from hall to hall.

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