It's the off-season for Elon Softball, and while the team may not be together on the field, the team is coming together to give back. They're giving back by donating to the community with a few quick snips.

Senior Grace Eng explains the team's intention for the project.

"The idea is that once you cut it, you pass it to your next teammate, who's willing to donate as well, so that's why we created the hashtag, pass the pong," she said.

With Pass The Ponytail, the softball team is giving their hair to different charities to give back, something that they feel means more than a simple check.

Associate Head Softball Coach, Jessica Jacobson is one of the first members of the team to cut her hair.

"The point of it is to kind of get people to get excited about donating without necessarily giving to donate," she said.

Head Softball Coach, Kathy Bocock believes that Pass The Ponytail is helping her team bond off the field.

"These young ladies are really working hard to grow as a team, and as a unit, and different things that we're doing this fall, and right now is playing into that for us," she said.

Trust is just as important as any other aspect to a coming together while on a team sports team, and for the softball team, the trust that comes with cutting each others hair is sparking trust on the field.


"When they cut each others hair, they really have to trust each other," Jacobson said.

The seniors on the team, including senior Grace Ing, are excited for the new season, and the new conference.

"It's definitely a new way towards the new conference the new year, that we're trying get close, create that chemistry that every team strives for," Eng said. "We have great memories in the So-Con, but we're ready to start a new chapter in the CAA."

So far only a hand-full of members of the softball team have donated their hair to charity, but the team is looking to continue this project into the fall.

Elon softball will continue their fall ball play on Sunday, Oct. 5 when they host Pfeiffer at 2 p.m.