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SPORTS 8/25/16 5:30pm

College careers start early for football freshmen

Move-in weekend is a blur of packing too many boxes in cars that seem too small and hoping it all makes it into a dorm room in one piece. Between move-in traffic and hordes of families in residence halls, freshman find themselves falling abruptly into this new part of their lives, rather than entering it gracefully. Instead of getting lost in the impending chaos that is move-in weekend, freshman football players enjoyed moving into their summer residences with their fellow teammates on June 12 for the football “bridge” program. The early move offers many advantages to the new additions, easing their college transition and acclimation to campus life.

NEWS 1/26/16 1:28pm

Studying abroad wasn't the best time of my life

I know what you’re thinking. If, after four months in a beautiful and foreign continent, these are my overarching sentiments, then I clearly did the whole study-abroad thing wrong or I didn’t try hard enough.  It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t having “the best time of my life” during an experience many college kids would describe as “the best times of their lives.” I experienced a lot of mental anguish simply over the fact that I wasn’t enjoying myself the way I hoped I would or the way I saw others enjoying themselves.

NEWS 2/13/15 12:00pm

Turning the other Greek cheek

The animosity between unaffiliated and Greek students on campus has risen to new peaks over the last year as national and campus events exploded across social media.

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