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OPINIONS 11/8/17 8:24pm

LENETT: The power of pen and pages

If you had the opportunity to travel back in time and meet your past self from years, months or even weeks ago, would you? If you aired on the more adventurous side and answered yes, I know how to satisfy your appetite for introspection. Sadly, it does not involve the use of a time machine. The solution is rather uncomplicated: journaling.

OPINIONS 10/25/17 4:18pm

LENETT: In search of sense, look to the stars

Before arriving at college, I couldn’t even entertain the thought of reading for pleasure. Throughout my years of schooling, reading was always assigned, and it felt like an absolute chore to learn about seemingly negligible topics--like astrophysics, for example. To add to the agony, I was usually required to craft some variation of a templated, soulless essay about what I learned.

NEWS 10/5/17 10:15am

LENETT: There's more value in owning fewer things

To my surprise, I was the last person in my flat to finish unpacking on the morning of move-in day. Only about an hour before, Danieley N was swarming with fellow first-years and their parents, who brought the building to life with their energy and conversation.  But as the last drawer of my wardrobe clicked to a close, everything fell silent. Peaking my head out of the doorway, I listened for a murmur or a pin drop, for the assurance that I wasn’t alone in my very first hours of college. 

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