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NEWS 11/27/13 2:43pm

What not to eat on Thanksigiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means it is time for many people to go grocery shopping for their holiday favorites. People typically indulge in unhealthy foods during this holiday; however, there are several tips for people to keep in mind when buying all the ingredients they need to prepare the feast. Beginning with produce, people should always look to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. When considering what types of potatoes to buy, instant potatoes can be easier to make, but fresh potatoes are a much healthier option.

NEWS 10/31/13 4:10pm

Singing group holds book drive benefit concert

On Saturday, a cappella singing group Twisted Measure presented an Aca-Book Drive, a concert to benefit the Worldwide Book Drive, a philanthropic business that works to distribute books to people in need. Admission was free with one book donation, and attendance was so great that the number of book donations was far more than anticipated by Twisted Measure members. But Twisted Measure wasn't singing solo that night.

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