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NEWS 6/22/14 1:00pm

Burlington anticipates bus transit system

Burlington City Council approved the proposed development of an urban transit system, which will include a route through Elon. The Burlington-Graham Metropolitan Planning Organization (BGMPO) developed a list of candidate transportation projects, including the transit system, which were discussed, evaluated and voted on Tuesday, June 17. Routes According to bgmpo.org, the Public Transportation will have a "Hub and Spoke" design, with downtown Burlington serving as the central hub for several outreaching destinations. The transit will consist of four routes going through the cities of Burlington, Mebane, Elon and Gibsonville with estimated 30 minute travel times. The new transit will coordinate with the Elon BioBus, PART (Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation), TTA (Research Triangle Public Transit Authority) and ACTA (Alamance County Transportation Authority). Expenses and Revenue The system start-up expenses total $2.7 million; including six buses at $400,000 each, $160,000 for signs, shelter and equipment and $140,000 for planning/administrative and marketing costs, according to bgmpo.org. The first four years have an annual operation budget starting at $1.45 million for the first year and going to $1.6 million for the fourth year. Local funding, state funding and transit passengers will help pay for the first year's expenses, but forty-seven percent of the cost will be covered by federal funding.

NEWS 1/15/14 5:45pm

Obama, McCrory discuss job creation for graduates at Air Force One

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NEWS 1/10/14 12:44pm

SGA releases applications for the 2014 spring elections

Elon's Student Body President, Welsford Scott Bishopric, released on Jan. 10 the application forms for the 2014 Spring Student Government Association elections. Bishopric encouraged students to participate in SGA, saying, "[it] offers the unique opportunity to play a formative role in your environment." The SGA constitution states that its main purpose is representing the rights and opinions of the student body in ways that are consistent with Elon University's mission. SGA also seeks to provide for appropriate student activities, and join with faculty and administrators in building a stronger and more effective educational community. The SGA Election Packet for spring 2014 includes an application, rules and regulations, positions available, and other information necessary for potential candidates. The election process involves writing a campaign statement, acquiring a set number of signatures from supporters and giving speeches.

NEWS 9/12/13 5:48pm

More Than 700 Bricks Stolen on Campus

It's only been three weeks into the fall semester, and already more than 700 bricks went missing from the pathways and sidewalks on Elon's campus. Some call it an innocent tradition, but others, a criminal offense. Danieley Center Resident Assistant Kelle-Anne Gecawich isn't a fan of the tradition. "One of reasons why I hate it when bricks are being stolen, is the fact that when they are found, we have to carry them," Gecawich said. Upperclassmen share their views on the tradition as well. Senior Village resident Ben Perron chooses not to steal bricks because it goes against what he considers moral. Perron referenced the Bible, concerning especially the teachings of Jesus Christ. Senior Jimmy Stevenson chooses not to steal them because of the dangers that loose and missing bricks can cause when riding bicycles or skateboards. "If you go over ground where missing bricks are, you can face plant," Stevenson said. Stevenson then made reference to unfortunate personal experiences the tradition has caused him. Elon Campus Safety and Police are penalizing offenders with fines, and second time offenders can receive misdemeanor charges.

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