A handwritten note containing plans for committing and cleaning up a murder cannot be admitted as evidence in the prosecution of United States v. Alexis Gray, due to a ruling by Federal Judge William Osteen.

The note was discovered in a "sippy-cup" in Gray's gold Acura, a closed container that Elon Campus Police did not have a valid warrant to search. Gray's attorney, Locke Clifford, motioned that the officers violated Gray's Fourth Amendment rights, and the Court ruled in in the defense's favor.

Gray, a former Penn State student from Holland, Pa., was stopped at the Danieley Center in November 2012, in possession of a rifle, ammunition, a knife and seven feet of rope. A receipt found in the car shows the rifle was purchased at the local Burlington Wal-Mart. The prosecution argues that Gray was attempting to confront her ex-boyfriend, Elon sophomore Greg Seelagy.

Gray faces a federal charge of crossing state lines to commit a crime of violence against a dating partner. The trial is scheduled to begin on March 31 in Greensboro.

Elon Local News will continue to follow this story; stay with us throughout the proceedings.