Elon University’s class of 2027 unpacked their belongings in the Colonnades and Danieley neighborhoods in 88-degree heat. 

Education Fellow and freshman Jackson Laing  said he “wasn’t suffering yet” from the heat, but admired the beauty of  Colonnades.   

Laing said his goal was to meet new friends, but he isn’t too nervous because all the freshmen are experiencing a new environment together.  

“Everyone is in the same boat for the next two weeks,” Laing said. 

The class of 2027 has 1,688 students total and covers 43 of the 50 states in the U.S.  Correspondingly, roughly 41% of Colonnades residents are freshmen. 

Incoming freshman Lucas Oliveira said he was excited about the hot North Carolina weather because it was too cold in Massachusetts — where he is from. 

“We have got some pretty bad winters up there,” Oliveira said, “I would rather it be hot than it be freezing cold.”

Oliveira drove 14 hours to get to Elon. He said that living somewhere different could be intimidating, but he is excited to meet new people.

Wrigley Koch is an incoming freshman who chose Elon for its dance program. She drove from Indiana and found herself unloading in the Danieley Neighborhood with only a handful of cars around her.  

“It's a lot hotter than where I am from,” Koch said. “I am hoping for not as cold winters here.” 

Koch said she was excited to begin her first semester at Elon. 

“It is a new experience with new people. I am looking forward to that,” Koch said. 

The move-in at Colonnades and Danieley was smoother than usual according to junior Kendall Lytle, a resident assistant in Colonnades. 

“I’ve been fortunate in that this is not hectic,” Koch said.

Lytle said she was excited about seeing her freshmen getting to know each other. 

“Seeing them interacting and having a good time means we are doing a good job,” Lytle said.