Comedians Caleb Elliot and Katherine Blanford visited Elon University and performed at McKinnon Hall on Friday for Late Night Laughs. During both performances, the comics used new material. 

The comedians have long careers in stand-up. Elliot has been a comedian since 11  and toured with Sinbad. Blanford has appeared on the Tonight Show and opened for David Spade.

Elliot performed the first set, where he talked with the crowd and told jokes about his race identity and his observations from the audience. 

Elliot is Black and Native American and race was a common theme in his comedy. 

“I'm not Black until I get pulled over,” Caleb said during his set. “Then I’m Black.” 

After Elliot’s set, Blanford interacted with the audience and involved them in her comedy. She lined up audience members to do voice impressions. A large part of her set was asking the audience humorous questions and crowd work.  She said she used the performance as a way to sharpen and test new material. 

Elliot said it’s important to play comedy sets at colleges and universities because it’s an efficient way to test new material and jokes.

“You throw it out and see if it’s funny, and if they laugh at it, we put it in,” Caleb said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out here and connect with the next generation.” 

Blanford said performing at colleges is “the dream” and has made her respect teachers more. She said teaching and comedy are similar because they are “idea-based.” 

“I’ve always wanted to feel like I was a professor giving a lecture,” Blanford said. 

Blanford and Elliot are continuing to tour across the country. Blanford’s next show is on Saturday in Lawrence, Kansas, while Elliot is on tour with comedian John Crist.