This week, Jennifer Ladda and her husband traveled from New Jersey to see their daughter perform in McCrary Theatre. Over the past four years, Ladda and her husband have made several trips to see their daughter, senior Caity Ladda, on stage. But Friday night was the opening night of Caity’s last main stage performance at Elon University.

“Everything was just perfect,” Jennifer said. “These four years just went so fast. … It's been fun to see them grow as a group, as a class.”

Caity portrayed Yvette in the play “Clue,” a comedic murder mystery based on the classic board game and 1985 movie.

The play follows the six characters from the original game at a dinner party. After learning that they are all being blackmailed, a series of murders occurs. The guests have to find out “whodunnit,” where and with what. 

Sophomore Maria Angelos, assistant stage manager and weapons handler, said the show has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Elon senior and engineering student Mallory Poff said she played the board game growing up and that “Clue” was one of the first plays she ever saw in high school. When she saw it on the performing arts calendar, Poff said she knew she had to get tickets.

“It's so cool to see your peers just performing and doing amazing things,” Poff said. “It’s one of my favorite plays, as a whole, so I was really excited to see it.”

Junior Brynn Lackey said she’s also been looking forward to opening night for just as long.  

Lackey, who plays Mrs. Peacock, said after months of rehearsals, it was thrilling to perform the show with an audience and their claps, gasps and laughs made the show a more lively experience.

“It's been amazing to do a show that is so funny and light hearted after everything the world has been going through the past couple of years,” Lackey said. “It's just so nice to put all our energy and focus into something that brings people a lot of joy.” 

There are two showings of “Clue” on Saturday at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and one more showing on Sunday at 2 p.m. 

Tickets can be reserved through the university ticketing website. They are free for students and $15 for community members.