After an hour and 45 minute-long closed meeting where Elon’s Board of Aldermen talked to their attorney about legal issues regarding closing a portion of Aspen Avenue and declaring a moratorium on local road connections to adjacent communities, the public portion of the board’s meeting was canceled.

Eighteen town of Elon residents came to the meeting to show their support for closing the road. Elon residents expressed discontentment about Aspen Avenue being used as the main entrance of the new Owen Park Subdivision in Gibsonville last week, as well, at the board’s work session. Utilizing this entrance has brought more traffic to this neighborhood and residents are concerned it is making the neighborhood less safe, as it is a neighborhood where a lot of people walk, according to residents who spoke last week. 

One of the residents who spoke was Glen Anderson. Anderson said he went to the meeting because he was concerned about the road being used as an entrance for the new Gibsonville development.

“Basically concerns about the neighborhood safety, the integrity of the neighborhood, and quite frankly, the way the developers handled themselves,” Anderson said. “We just wanted to show we were involved in the process.”

The special meeting is postponed until April 12 at 6 p.m. and Alderman Quinn Ray said this decision was made in order to have time to seek additional counsel for making a decision regarding closing a portion of the road.