Forget the colorful leaves, holiday lights and brisk temperatures because the fall and winter aren’t superior when it comes to the best time of year at Elon University. Though I have only experienced one spring on campus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the season’s scenery and temperatures reign supreme. 

There is nothing quite like being able to sit outside in warm 70 degree weather with shorts on —  nothing boosts my serotonin levels more. My motivation increases, my happiness increases and Elon’s beauty spikes. 

Studying for finals in the winter is outright depressing for me because there’s nothing to look at besides fallen leaves, a few Christmas lights and bare trees. Elon glows differently without these things. Elon is at its best when people are walking around with shorts on, sunglasses and smiles, because spring has arrived. 

Also, the sun going down at 5 p.m. decreases how much sun we get, sun that we as students need. Walking around in the pitch black doesn’t allow Elon’s beauty to shine through like it does in April. Insider Magazine wrote a piece about why spring reigns supreme to fall, and they said you get more daylight and fresh air, which we need as humans to function. 

The flowers on Elon’s campus are also a delight to see. Colors of more than just brown and orange leaves give the university even more reason to preach about. 

If you consider fall to be the best, just wait until spring comes. You might just change your mind.