The Root Trackside is both close to Elon University’s campus and the Elon community’s heart. The restaurant, voted to have the “Best Burger,” located in the heart of downtown Elon next to the train tracks, is managed by Angela Woody. Woody has worked at the Root for nearly 10 years and enjoys the community both at the tables and in the kitchen.

“It’s just a close knit group. We work for some awesome people, the owners are awesome,” Woody said. “We just mesh well together, so it's more fun than work most of the time.”

Father Peter Tremblay, who serves as the associate chaplain for Catholic life, often goes to the Root with students or colleagues. While Tremblay said his go-to lunch order is a cobb salad, he loves the burgers the restaurant offers -- especially the Elon Club, an angus burger in a triple layer club sandwich. 

“Their food is fresh, delicious and always well-prepared,” Tremblay said. 

While the typical angus beef burgers are a fan favorite, for students who are vegetarian or vegan, the Root provides options like the vegan burger. Senior Wylie Watlington said the vegan burger is one of her favorites, along with the crispy brussel sprouts.

“It doesn’t taste like fake meat. Sometimes when you get a veggie burger, they try to make it taste like meat,” Watlington said. “But they put spices and a variety of vegetables in it for a unique flavor.”

Between the burgers, the sides and the atmosphere, students, faculty, staff and community members alike find many reasons to love the Root. And luckily for the Elon community, the Root loves being here.

“We enjoy doing what we do,” Woody said. “We enjoy making people happy, and making people plates that people enjoy coming here to eat and experience with us.”