Election night in Alamance County includes races in multiple local municipalities. Scroll below for Elon News Network's coverage of the results in Burlington and the town of Elon.

Town of Elon Mayor

With 33 out of 33 Alamance County precincts reported in, Emily Sharpe, who currently serves as a Board of Aldermen member for the town, is projected to win the race with 85.23% of the votes. 

Elon Board of Aldermen

Elon University staff member Stephanie Bourland and Elon Community Church Senior Pastor Randy Orwig will fill the two vacant seats on the Elon Board of Alderman. The polls have closed which means Bourland and Orwig, who were running unopposed, will join the board. 

Bourland has 53.16% of votes and Orwig has 44.54% of votes, with 33 out of 33 precincts reported in.

Burlington Mayor

With 33 out of 33 Alamance County precincts reported in, current member of the City Council Jim Butler won the election with 57.75% of the vote, while incumbent Ian Baltutis lost with 41.93% of the vote. 

Burlington City Council

With 33 out of 33 of Alamance County precincts reported, Ronnie Wall is leading the race with 29.73% of all reported votes. Harold Owen is in second with 28.35%, while Bob Byrd is in third with 21.24% of all reported votes. Dejuana Bigelow remains in last place with 20.48% of all reported votes.

Wall and Owen are projected to win the two open seats on Burlington’s City Council.