Elon University's Student Government Association had a business meeting on October 21. At this meeting, senators heard an update from Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson on the current flu vaccination numbers and cases of COVID-19 on Elon University’s campus. 

According to Patterson, 74% of students have not gotten their flu vaccine yet and the deadline is next week. Patterson is asking students to make sure that they make an appointment to get vaccinated and also to upload necessary documentation online, if they chose to get vaccinated off campus. 

Senators also heard a presentation regarding the new integrated wellness center, legislation was passed for the civic engagement forum. SGA members discussed legislation on when SGA members terms begin, as well. 

Meeting legislation

A resolution looking for support at the business meeting was on the Civic Engagement Forum. This resolution, which was written by Senator Andrew Lymm, is regarding an event which will take place in the spring semester and was looking for support from SGA to show approval of the student body. 

The purpose of this event is to bring in a speaker of importance to both national and North Carolina politics and would be a chance to involve students in civic conversations. Professor Tom Kerr joined the business meeting to express his support for the forum along with many student organizations on campus. 

“I sponsored this resolution specifically because as students we are trying to increase civic engagement on campus and talking as students who have pushed for this, and I’d like to say that SGA represents the student body as a whole, and by putting our foot down we are therefore increasing civic engagement,” Senator Chase Solomon and cosponsor of this bill said.

A College Republicans student representative said this event “fosters an environment of learning from those who may think different than themselves.”

Senator Aleeza Adams said in support of this resolution that the bill also shows the student body’s support behind an invitation for a speaker to come to campus.

“This resolution serves as a partial invitation to the speaker as well, to acknowledge that the student body's voices behind the invitation, and why I think the invitation or why the forum is necessary,” Adams said.

While there was a small amount of opposition as certain senators felt that by supporting this event SGA would be therefore supporting whoever the speaker would be, and this might not be someone who aligned with SGA’s values, this legislation passed 45-1-1. 

SGA executive board terms

The next piece of legislation, authored by Senator Trevor Molin, would adjust the start time of the executive board of SGA to avoid the current three week period. Currently, the three week period is where the executive board is the only part of SGA that is elected. This legislation will instead make it so this window is only one week. The legislation passed 46-0-1 with no debate.

Advisor’s report

In Dean Patterson’s advisor report her main points were COVID-19 case numbers and flu vaccine numbers. The COVID cluster cases at Elon are now stabilizing, as there have not been any related incidents to the COVID cluster that was previously identified. The COVID cluster is still continued to be monitored, but case numbers are back at a consistent rate of 1-3 per day. 

The week after Thanksgiving break Elon University is also planning on offering Pfizer booster shots and will be looking at what the CDC says regarding eligibility closer to this date. Currently, this doesn’t change anything regarding Elon’s current vaccine requirements.