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The Alamance county primary ballot includes a referendum on whether or not to increase the county sales tax from 6.75% to 7%. If passed, items in the county like groceries and gas would not be affected by the sales tax, but people who spend money at retail shops and food places would bear the tax.

According to the county commissioners, cash registers around the county already charge 7% due to the fact that they cannot charge 6.75% without rounding up. If the tax passes, the money that is made by rounding up would now go to the county instead of to the stores. This would make the county an estimated $6 million every year, and also lead to a reduction in property tax rates. 

The referendum was voted to be included on the primary ballot by the commissioners back in Oct. 2019. The same tax was voted on in the 2018 general election, but did not pass. 


10:50 p.m. —

Yes: 12,428 (40.60%)

No: 18,183 (59.40%)

9:50 p.m. —

Yes: 9,203 (41.47%)

No: 12,989 (58.53%)

9:10 p.m. —

Yes: 6,334 (42.52%)

No: 8,562 (57.48%)

8:13 p.m. —

Yes: 5,122 (42.51%)

No: 6,926 (57.49%)