Joshua Lozoff's magic show received much applause from the packed McCrary Theater. 

The show was Elon University's "Labor Day Celebration Event." Lozoff is a former television actor that has made appearances on the show Cheers. He has also recently performed at the World's Fair in Japan. 

Lozoff says his show is named "Life is Magic" because the supernatural is not exclusively for people who practice it. He wants to people to focus more on the amusement they feel than the person performing the magical spectacle. 

"When I see this wide-eyed childlike experience from grown-ups, that's very touching," Lozoff said. 

Lozoff continuously invited audience members on stage. The two themes of his show were connections and choices. The audience were asked to do various acts that tested their subconscious.  

"That's what's cool about the psychology," Lozoff said. "It's like a superpower that we're all capable of." 

Audience members at Josuha Lozoff's magic show

Two audience members participated in a spectacle that showed their unlikely subconscious connection. They both had their eyes closed when Lozoff placed an orange in only one of the participants hands. 

Both of them shared with the audience that they felt, and smelt, the orange. 

"I'm not traveling around trying to convince people that magic is real or that I have powers or have a conversation about tricks versus whatever" Lozoff said. "I'm just trying to create a moment of like 'woah!'" 

Lozoff also says he doesn't want his audience to walk away from the show impressed by him, but by the mystique of his act — and of life.  

"I don't want them walking out thinking anything in particular about me, or being impressed by me or convinced by me or fooled by me," Lozoff said. "I call the show life is magic because I hope that people think they come out of a moment of amazement and then realize it's all around us."