When President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven countries in the Middle East, the Elon community gave a big public reaction.

SGA joined the conversation with the global community by hosting a Town Hall on Feb. 2 in McKinnon Hall for students to discuss Elon's role in the international community. 

The Town Hall, moderated by Elon News Network's Ashley Bohle, began with a conversation about President Trump's executive order on immigration and how the university can play a role in the community going forward..

Students discussed how language such as "illegal" and "undocumented" could be dangerous in moral senses, a conversation that was said to have consequences of dividing and alienating members of the global community.

The conversation then shifted when moderator Bohle initiated discussion on protecting our borders, a reference to another of President Trump's executive orders for a wall on the United States' southern border. 

Finally, a larger conversation about making Elon's campus a sanctuary campus was brought up by a student. The idea was debated back and forth for several minutes. The pros and cons of making Elon a sanctuary campus was repeatedly brought up as a movement that would need to "grow throughout the campus" to get an idea of how a majority of Elon students would feel about the change. 

Senior Noah Ganz was the first to bring up the potential consequences of making the campus sanctuary, such as tuition increases or scholarships being taken away as a result of a loss of federal funding under the new administration.

SGA president Kyle Porro closed the Town Hall by encouraging students to get involved in the community if they wanted to push issues like sanctuary cities