Editor's note: The headline of this story has been amended to clarify the charge. 

UPDATED: Aug. 4, 2016

The Alamance County District Attorney dismissed a breaking and entering charge against the co-owner of Pandora's Pies and The Fat Frogg Bar and Grill.

Peter Ustach, 29, was charged in October, but the case was thrown out soon after. Ustach never set foot in a courtroom. He said the charges were incorrect, and no one wished to pursue charges.

The co-owner of the Town of Elon's Pandora's Pies and The Fat Frogg Bar and Grill was charged with attempting breaking and entering over Elon University's Homecoming Weekend, according to a Town of Elon Police Department report.

Peter Ustach

Burlington resident Peter Ustach, 29, tried to open the door of an occupied Thames Court residence while in an intoxicated state late Sunday, police said. Thames Court is located in the Town of Elon, south of Orange Drive and off Williamson Avenue. Ustach told police he was trying to find a friend's house on Orange Drive.

The alleged victim, a male resident, told police he heard the door jiggle, but there was no knock. When he went to check the door, he saw a man — later identified as Ustach — standing there. The victim said Ustach said he had the wrong address then walked away, according to the report. Ustach then ran into the woods, the reporting resident said. 

After being placed under arrest, Ustach "verbally vented his frustration about the incident and how it could have been handled differently," the report said.

According to the report, Ustach told police he knew he was intoxicated, which is why he walked instead of driving.

Reached by email, Ustach declined to comment, pending his hearing.