There's a new face in McEwen Dining Hall. Chef Linda Loucurrie transferred from working in Lakeside, Biscuitville and Winter Garden Cafe to overseeing McEwen Dining Hall as a supervisor and cook.

According to Dining Services Marketing Manager Kate Nelson, Dining Services relocates employees to give them new exposure in their job roles and to keep them interested.

In Loucurrie's new domain, that plan is working. She says McEwen has provided her with the opportunity of "showing my culinary skills ... I did cook at Biscuitville, and I'm cooking now at McEwen, but I'm showing off a little more skills than I was at Biscuitville because I was more behind the line than in front."

Loucurrie is excited about the opportunity Dining Services has provided by moving her to McEwen.

"I'm just glad that someone is really showing me something that I can really do," Loucurrie says. "It makes me feel good that somebody is complimenting me on something that I'm doing."

The employees and atmosphere of McEwen have also contributed to her positive transition.

"[My co-workers] are just a great bunch of people," Loucurrie says. "Everybody is treating me with open arms."

According to Loucurrie, she and her manager are in talks to change the "feel of desserts" in the dining hall.