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EDITORIAL: Elon's ninth president faces challenges in new role

10/9/17 9:23pm

On Oct. 9, Elon University announced its newest President-elect, Constance “Connie” Ledoux Book, who will be the university’s first female president. This announcement came after a closed eight-monthlong search that left many Elon community members wanting more information.  Book is undoubtedly very qualified for this job — her experiences in her varying roles at Elon and at her previous institution, The Citadel, show her commitment to and passion for higher education. Many students, faculty and staff members who knew or worked with her during her time here at Elon showed excitement for her return. 

Elon Move-In: Interview with Leo Lambert

8/31/17 2:45pm

At his last Elon Move-In day as University president, Leo Lambert says he always loves seeing all the new faces on campus. Lambert understands the stress these Elon parents are going through as they send their child off to college! He said to stay tuned for his last Convocation speech for his advice for freshmen.

EDITORIAL: We must go further than standing with Charlottesville

8/30/17 8:00am

Following the terrifying and tragic display of white supremacy at the University of Virginia and in Charlottesville earlier this month, many people and organizations across the nation have pledged their solidarity with UVA and everyone affected by this tragedy. This event struck a chord with many Americans, showing us all the reality of white supremacy, fascism, neo-Nazism and the remaining power of the Klu Klux Klan.

EDITORIAL: College is a privilege, treat it as such

8/24/17 3:38pm

As you walk through the oak-lined paths of Elon University’s campus and embark on your orientation weekend to learn all that Elon has to offer, it is imperative to remember that attending college is a privilege and you should treat it as such. Across the United States, a majority of people do not achieve a college education.

EDITORIAL: Mental illness terminology should not be used casually

5/4/17 11:02pm

Mental illness is an issue that affects many students on Elon University’s campus. While not everyone suffers from a mental illness, mental health still affects us all and it deserves to be taken seriously and respected as a real problem students are consistently facing. Too often, Elon students use mental illness terminology flippantly in casual conversations, speaking phrases such as “Sorry, I’m so OCD” or “Oh I’m so depressed.” For students who actually suffer from these mental illnesses, using this terminology is perfectly OK.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Break out of your own communities within Elon

4/12/17 4:39pm

It is far too easy to remain comfortable here at Elon University. It is too easy for students to stay in their well-constructed comfort zones — constantly hanging out with the same groups of people, attending the same events and sharing the same ideas to the same willing listeners. Students complain about the monotony of living on a resident campus and our university’s lack of diversity, but it is necessary to remember the role students themselves have in making their time at Elon more interesting. While the university could still do more in terms of diversity initiatives, there is no shortage of opportunities for students to hear new perspectives or try new things on campus — students just need to be willing to go out and search for them. It is important to find a sense of community or home on campus, but these communities shouldn't cage students and keep them branching out and appreciating all sides of campus life.