Leo Lambert – The “Head Phoenix” is Elon’s eighth president and has been serving the school since 1999. He is responsible for establishing many of the buildings and programs that are now Elon staples. His initiatives include changing Elon’s mascot from the Fightin’ Christians to the Phoenix and the construction of more than 100 buildings around campus. Every year, President Lambert opens his house to the student body for a holiday party where students can eat and mingle with the president and his wife. Last winter, Lambert announced that he would be stepping down as president of the university but not until a quality replacement was found. A search committee has been working throughout the summer and is expected to announce their decision later this fall. 

Dr. Danieley – President Emeritus J. Earl Danieley was not only a legend around Elon University’s campus, but people also knew his name throughout Alamance County and North Carolina at large. He passed last winter at the age of 92, but his legacy will last for many years to come. Danieley devoted his life to Elon. He attended as an undergraduate student from 1941-1946 and began his tenure as a chemistry teacher right after graduation. While serving as President from 1957-1973, Danieley welcomed the first African-American students to campus. His name remains present on campus through the residential neighborhood named in his honor. He was the basketball team’s biggest fan, attending every home game and after his death, both varsity teams wore a “Dr. D” patch on their uniforms for the remainder of the season.

Jon Dooley – For students who have been at Elon a bit longer, the name Smith Jackson rings a bell as the university’s former Vice President of Student Life and the man responsible for sending informative emails to students regularly.  Now, after 23 years, the role has been taken over by Jon Dooley who has been at Elon since 2014. He will now oversee all aspects of student life and provides student services and co-curricular activities. If you see the Vice President of Student Life’s name in your inbox, it is likely to tell you about any campus closures or weather delays so keep an eye out. 

Jason Husser – Professor Husser started his tenure with Elon University in 2012 as the assistant director of the Elon University poll. Now, the man behind the poll also serves as an assistant professor of political science. His name appeared in the news last fall as the Elon poll results were being used in news reports regarding the election. The poll occurs a few times a semester and surveys North Carolina residents on important issues pertaining to the state. Any student can sign up to work the poll for an hourly wage. It’s a great way to earn a few extra dollars and learn more about the state you now call home.

Morgan Bodenarain – Elon University senior Morgan Bodenarain serves as the SGA’s Executive President — the highest position within the organization. Every year elections are held for various positions within each class, but Bodenarain serves all four of the undergraduate classes. She played a key role in the planning of last year’s first annual Elon Ball and officially took over the roll as Executive President after spring break last year.  Earlier this month, Bodenarain along with other SGA presidents from around the country signed a statement standing in solidarity for The University of Virginia in the aftermath of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Jan Fuller – Fuller is the Elon University chaplain and works in part with the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. Fuller provides guidance for students looking to explore their religious or spiritual identities. As the chaplain, she also speaks at many university events including giving remarks at the annual tree lighting and luminary ceremony. Along with Fuller, the Truitt center is staffed with faculty and students to facilitate religious and spiritual programming for the student body. The chaplain is just one of the members of Elon’s staff who is available to listen if students are ever searching for someone to talk to.

Marquita Barker – Barker is the Senior Associate Director of Residence Life at Elon University. Underclassmen are probably familiar with her name as she sends out many emails regarding housing as move-in day approaches. She is responsible for overseeing the assignment of all on-campus housing and any logistics relating to housing assignments. If students ever need to inquire about room-changes or special accommodations for their dorm room this year, Barker is the woman to talk to.

Randy Williams Jr. – Williams is the Associate Vice President for Campus Engagement and an Assistant Professor. He is part of the university’s senior staff and has responsibilities within Student Life, Academic Affairs and University advancement. One of his largest responsibilities is his role within the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE), which reports to Williams. The CREDE just hired a new director, Tyrone Jean, after a yearlong search. The CREDE’s offices are on the second floor of the Moseley student center and provide programs and workshops for students and faculty.  Williams was initially hired as the dean of multicultural affairs.

Jana Lynn Patterson – Patterson oversees many aspects of Elon University’s day-to-day operations. Patterson serves as Associate Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Student Health and Wellness. The university’s full-service health center just over the train tracks and is open seven days a week to serve students feeling under the weather. Patterson has many other roles on campus including the faculty advisor to the SGA, overseeing Campus Recreation and has been with Elon since 1986. She is the first female leader in 50 years to hold the title of “Dean of Students,” which she was appointed to earlier this year.

– House is the Provost, Executive Vice President of Elon University, chief operations officer (COO) and chief academic officer (CAO). He is responsible for all academic programs, including Elon's six schools/college and the library. The departments of Student Life, Admissions and Financial Planning and Athletics also recognize him as a leader. House came to Elon in 2001 from Seton Hall University in New Jersey and was appointed the founding dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences.

Other people to know:

Resident Assistant

Community Director of your residential neighborhood

Bio-Bus Drivers

The cleaning staff on your floor

Miss Joyce from Acorn

Assigned Librarian

Academic Advisor (you don’t have to stay with the one assigned to you as a freshman!)