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NEWS 2/28/14 9:59pm

Elon professor prepares students for financial realties after graduation

An Elon professor recently traded his Thursday night to college students who penny-pinch and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Anthony Hatcher, associate professor of communications, led a presentation titled, “Life After Elon: Preparing for the Real World,” sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. “What I wanted to do with my workshop is tell students what I wish someone had told me when I was 21,”  Hatcher said. “Life After Elon,” was a part of Elon University’s Professional Discovery Week.

NEWS 1/13/14 4:56pm

A remodeled West End rings in Winter Term

Students returned from winter break to find that Elon’s signature bar, West End Station, underwent a massive transformation. West End’s new owner Harold Hill bought the bar at the end of the summer with the goal of creating more variety in the Elon community.

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