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NEWS 10/31/12 5:50am

Pro Bono Week introduces law students to local legal associations, attorneys

Elon University’s School of Law’s first annual Pro Bono Week presents students and Greensboro community members opportunities to meet professionals who provide free legal work to the community. The American Bar Association developed the program several years ago as a time to celebrate different professions in the field, according to Alexis Martinez, assistant dean of Student Affairs.  Pro Bono week is celebrated nationally. “The week highlights different ways of social justice around Greensboro and around the country and also identifies gaps in legal terms,” Martinez said.

NEWS 10/18/12 9:00pm

Panelists voice support for Deferred Action Immigration Program

A panel of four educators and experts on immigration gathered at Elon University Oct. 17 to discuss the Deferred Action Immigration Program and how it affects the lives of Latinos in the community and in the country. The Deferred Action Program offers two-year work permits to illegal immigrants under 31 and allows them to apply for a social security number, a driver’s license and exemption from deportation during that time, according to Ken Fernandez, assistant professor of political science at Elon.

NEWS 10/5/12 4:13pm

New series addresses Elon community’s perception of Islam

In an effort to address and discuss the Elon community’s misconceptions about Islam and the people who practice it, the Truitt Center is hosting “Navigating Islam,” a series of discussions about the religion. Maurice Hines, Arabic professor at Elon University, hosted the first discussion Oct.

NEWS 10/4/12 5:05pm

Growing number of students choose non-traditional post-grad opportunities

While the majority graduating seniors will spend most of their year filling out graduate school applications or sending their resumes to potential employers, some students have found alternative post-graduation plans. Non-traditional opportunities, such as joining the Peace Corps or volunteering for a non-profit organization, are becoming a more popular choice for Elon students.

NEWS 9/18/12 8:54pm

Elon welcomes higher number of transfer students

The community atmosphere at Elon University prompted sophomore Laurel Weibe to uprot from Chicago and relocate to a smaller town in North Carolina. While Weibe said she loved the big city, she felt Loyola Chicago University lacked a sense of community and personal relationships with the professors. “Classes were not engaging,” she said.

NEWS 5/17/12 2:22pm

Annual percentage of employed alumni grows

Even following graduation, the Class of 2011 continues to impress as the percentage of alumni employment exceeds previous years, according to the results of the nine-month-out update on the class.  Each graduating class is surveyed three different times: at graduation, three months following graduation and nine months after leaving Elon University. Out of the 91 percent of graduates that completed the survey, 57 percent are employed and 26 percent are enrolled in or have been accepted to graduate or professional school.

NEWS 4/13/12 8:46pm

SGA Wrap-up—April 12, 2012

The SGA voted on offering numerous students and campus organizations financial support at this week’s meeting. Four allocations were presented, which are student requests for financial donation from SGA to support academic research.

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