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NEWS 3/14/13 2:59pm

Street Performers

The streets of Asheville are alive with the sound of music. Cellos and guitars could be found on almost every corner of the city.

NEWS 11/5/12 8:19am

ELN Digital Short: Vote in a Box

This ELN Digital Short will air during our election show on November 6. Vote in a Box is a parody sketch of Saturday Night Live's "D**K in a Box." Katie Moulton and Molly Carey rap about the importance of voting. [div class="alignleft"] [/div] Also starring Matt Lee, Peter Walpole, Camille Smith, and Alex Rose Directed, Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Patterson Huggins Special thanks to Emily Haring, Meg Plummer, and Joe Bruno

NEWS 9/6/12 5:31pm

DNC: Joel Stein

ELN interviewed Time columnist Joel Stein about his time at the DNC. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

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