Upon walking into Yeager Recital Hall, not a single person sat still in their seats. The crowd filled with friends and family of the performers as Elon Muses hosted its spring concert April15. 

The performance included a series of songs from Hamilton, Hercules, Taylor Swift, Adele and more. Each song was accompanied with choreography, a cappella, acting and featured soloists. 

Elon Muses recently began their journey as a group over the last six months, with the group's previous shows including a holiday cabaret at The Oak House as well as singing the national anthem at an Elon women’s basketball game. 

Elon Muses president and sophomore Jordan Kelberg and vice president and sophomore Holland Cogan began the show by welcoming their audience and expressing their gratitude for this show becoming a reality as this is the group’s first spring concert.

While the show started off with some technical difficulties, the audience cheered loudly for the performers, encouragement filling the room.

Freshman Joey Rudnicki attended the show with his friends as a weekend activity and found that he liked the Muses show despite not frequenting similar shows in the past. 

“I’m not usually one to attend choir concerts, but this one was different,” Rudnicki said. “Every song sounded amazing, the choreography was fun and the girls put on an overall very entertaining show.”

After the first number, each member of the group took turns introducing one another listing details about the contributions each member brought to the group and the show, such as choreography, vocal talent and endearing qualities. 

After performing six numbers, the members closed the show by thanking everyone who made their performance possible, handing out flowers to other members of Muses executive board. 

Elon Muses will be holding auditions in the fall. All genders are welcome. For more information, follow their instagram page — @elon.muses.