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NEWS 8/25/16 7:48pm

Become authors of your own worldview and faith

Oh behalf of the Chaplains — Father Gerry, Rabbi Meir, Chaplain Joel, Muslim Coordinator Shane Atkinson, and myself, Chaplain Jan — I want to welcome you! It is a joy to have the campus teeming again with happy and energetic students. Our presence on campus means that Elon cares about your spiritual self, and your whole self. Our mission, in the Truitt Center, is to provide you resources to explore, consider and deepen your religious or spiritual commitment. We also offer you opportunities to understand and interact with those who follow different paths. And we provide events and moments to support religious and non-religious students to think together and learn from each other.

NEWS 5/4/16 8:35pm

Embrace these final days at Elon

Over my years of chaplaincy I've noticed a trend among seniors. I think it sharing my observations will help you to place yourself in these strenuous days. In the spring of the senior year, and every now and then in the late fall, when you hoped you'd have your best times of all, things tend to fall apart.

NEWS 2/18/16 3:00pm

A time for new beginnings

It is the beginning of a new semester. Well, a week or two in — close enough. We are still mostly excited about going to class, still reading a little bit ahead and working toward the growth and learning that is promised. And how well I remember those moments at the beginning, when it is overwhelmingly apparent how much there is to learn, how much is beyond our capacity and understanding, and how far the goal is. But by the end of the term, we will all be amazed.

NEWS 10/19/15 4:40pm

Parliament of World Religions

I write this from Salt Lake City, at the 6th meeting of the Parliament of World Religions. The Parliament was founded in 1893 in Chicago and has been considered the beginning off the global interfaith movement.

NEWS 9/4/15 10:22am

Multi-Faith SAGES come to Elon University

We are looking for motivated, great students to take part in a new Truitt Center program at Elon University called Multi-Faith SAGES. SAGES is for students who love religious diversity; who want to know more about their own religious and spiritual traditions, practices and beliefs and who want also to know how to interact respectfully with others.

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