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NEWS 9/17/15 10:43am

The problem with expectation inflation

Lately, I’ve been thinking, “Maybe I’m mediocre.” And even more lately, I’ve been thinking, “So what?” Growing up in the age of participation trophies, I have been led to believe, like many others of my generation, that I am special — perhaps even destined — for great things.

NEWS 9/5/15 10:23am

Voting rights rally rocks Raleigh

Cries of, “Forward together, not one step back” rang through the streets of downtown Raleigh yesterday, where hundreds gathered for a voting rights rally. The state’s capitol was the terminus of the day’s leg of America's Journey for Justice, an 860-mile march from Selma to Washington, D.C., sponsored by the NAACP and a broad coalition of partner organizations.The marchers are spending 10 days in North Carolina to draw attention to its voting right record. “It’s time to call names,” said state NAACP conference president the Rev. William Barber II. “Tom Tillis pushed through the worst voter suppression in the country.”

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