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NEWS 4/9/14 2:30pm

Zitelli reflects on anniversary of Rwandan genocide

Genocide isn’t something Elon University students think about very often. It’s something that happens in far away places to other people but not to us. The first time I truly learned about genocide was during The Global Experience class my freshman year.

NEWS 10/2/12 8:55pm

Correspondents' Corner: Paradox in Paradise

DAKAR, SENEGAL — Goree, a picturesque island just two kilometers from Dakar’s harbor, provided my first refreshing escape from the busy, dirty city of Dakar to a serene, beautiful island still dotted with colonial era buildings and cobblestone paths.

NEWS 8/16/12 10:16pm

Correspondents' Corner: Why Senegal?

Correspondents’ Corner is a place for The Pendulum’s team of international reporters to reflect on their time abroad and share stories about the new cultures they are experiencing.  About five months ago, just after I was accepted into the program at Dakar, I was leading a tour group in front of Alamance explaining how studying abroad is an important part of the culture at Elon.

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