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NEWS 2/10/13 1:43pm

Second Amendment endangers Americans’ right to life

If the words “gun” and “freedom” belong in the same sentence, then it should be in this context: America’s gun culture is a threat to one of our most fundamental freedoms, our most unalienable right: the right to life. [quote]The Second Amendment is an outdated concept from a past era: an 18th century solution that has created 21st century problems.[/quote] The Second Amendment to the Constitution was part of the original Bill of Rights, adopted by the founders of our then-fledgling nation in December of 1791.

NEWS 11/27/12 10:07pm

If at first you don’t secede, don’t try again

In the weeks following President Barack Obama’s re-election, conservative citizens across the country upset with Obama’s victory have been looking for alternatives rather than enbuy cialis online no prescriptiondure another term under a Democratic administration. But a radical petition originating from Texas to secede from the United States has led to the spread of secession fever across all 50 states, with considerably more than a million signatures received already. Anyone with a political science or history degree will tell you a state or nation’s reasons for secession are pretty standard throughout history: resentment from the people on the level of power being exercised by their government. But if you were to ask them if secession could be considered a legitimate option in our scenario, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a satisfactory answer justifying it. None of this secessionist folly will amount to anything.

NEWS 8/24/12 8:37pm

Back to basics: 6 tips for surviving freshman year at Elon

Congratulations and welcome to Elon University! As you rush from place to place during this orientation weekend, take a moment to realize the importance of the journey that lies before you and how Elon will be here to support you over the next four years. The excitement on a college cam- pus during orientation is palpable.

NEWS 5/15/12 12:17pm

University tradition born under the oaks

When the Class of 2012 first arrived at Elon University, they gathered for the first time as a class Under the Oaks for the annual New Student Convocation. Presiding over the ceremony was President Leo Lambert, who assured the audience they would reconvene four years later in the same spot, under the shade of West Area’s aging oak trees.

NEWS 5/15/12 6:26am

Delta heads to DC, lobbies for Greek legislation

From sorority court to Capitol Hill, one Elon University student is leaving a mark on Greek life both on campus and across the country. Junior Anna McCracken was chosen to become one of approximately 100 student representatives of the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee to lobby in favor of the proposed Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act in Washington, D.C. If passed, the act would allow people to make tax-deductible donations to non-profit student housing organizations in the United States, as opposed to the current non-tax-deductible policy.

NEWS 5/6/12 1:10pm

GOP candidates wage war of words

Contraception. National debt. Same-sex marriage. Religion. Healthcare. Just words, right? These words have been the weapons that each GOP primary candidate has brandished vehemently for the last several months.

NEWS 4/23/12 5:49pm

Topics Podcast - April 23, 2012

Are Elon students not that politically motivated or are they just taking their opinions to the web? Dan talks about The Trayvon Martin case and the reaction it spurred on our campus.

NEWS 4/16/12 7:38pm

Topics Podcast - April 16. 2012

Shortening words is certainly convient in the new world of social media but is it going to far? Dan talks about 'dumbing down' our communications to deal with society's lack of attention.

NEWS 4/2/12 7:27pm

Topics - April 2, 2012

Are we portraying the 'real' us on social media outlets? Or are we filtering our lives for our web persona?  Dan talks more about this and this week's staff editorial.

NEWS 3/26/12 7:39pm

Topics - March 26, 2012

Dan Quackenbush discusses this Friday's Spring Show and some of the controversy behind it. Don't be too harsh on SUB Elon students, it takes more effort to put on this show than you know.

NEWS 3/14/12 5:27pm

Campus voices blend together for 9th annual Acappallooza

The audience’s screams of delight rang clear up to the rafters of Whitley Auditorium Saturday night, as Elon University’s a cappella community joined forces with other local and distant groups to put on Elon’s ninth annual Acappallooza event. This year’s Acappallooza theme, VOICESONLY, remained ever-present as each group performed arrangements of multiple genres of music, using only the power of their voices to carry the tune. Hosted by Sweet Signatures, Elon’s only all-female ensemble, Acappallooza is an annual event on campus — one that strives to bring together Elon’s a cappella community while reaching out to other university groups to come perform as well. Junior Connor Stirland, president of Elon’s all-male a cappella group, Rip_Chord, said he believes students find Acappallooza appealing because it offers a refreshing change of pace from the style of music they normally hear. “I think that a cappella is particularly big at Elon right now because we sing songs that people wouldn’t necessarily hear on a day-to-day basis,” Stirland said.

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