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NEWS 12/5/16 4:53pm

ABSS examines redistricting plan

Walking through the main hallway of Cummings High School, Athletic Director Kyle Pycraft stopped and looked at the trophy cases that lined the path. Indented in two long walls near the entrance are modest wooden shelves with protective glass, where years of county and state championship trophies stand shoulder to shoulder. “Strong and successful athletics are a big part of Cummings’ history and culture,” Pycraft said.

NEWS 11/17/15 7:00pm

Reaching out to Syria

With three iPads, a computer and two mobile smartphones at Tuesday’s College Coffee, a small group of students hoped to make a change and make their voices heard.

NEWS 11/3/15 8:37pm

Elon Town Center sold to investment group

Elon Town Center was sold Oct. 30 by local EDG Properties, LLC to New Market Strategies, a firm of investors based out of Stuart, Florida. As of early Tuesday evening, it was unknown the selling price of the building, which has an assessed value of more than $3 million, according to the Alamance County Tax Administration Records.

NEWS 10/7/15 8:31am

Itzhak Perlman fills Fall Convocation with classical music

The first time Itzhak Perlman played his idol Yehudi Menuhin’s violin, he knew he had found the one. “I played a couple of notes on that violin and said to myself, ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven,’” Perlman said to a packed Alumni Gym Tuesday afternoon, the guest of honor at Elon University’s Fall Convocation. Two weeks later, as the young Perlman negotiated a home purchase, he received an un- expected phone call with news most-welcome: the out-of-reach violin of his dreams was for sale.

NEWS 9/15/15 1:00pm

With upcoming elections, Elon political interest pops

Ever since the first presidential candidates announced their runs earlier this year, a slow but steady buzz has been building at Elon University around the direction the country could take, depending on who wins the White House. As debate season swings into high-gear, a storm of media coverage has propelled campus conversation, with groups of liberals and conservatives divided down party lines opponents each call radical.

NEWS 9/2/15 8:00pm

SGA aims to increase freshman participation

Three years ago, senior Avery Steadman went door-to-door around Elon University’s Danieley flats, asking students if they would consider her for freshman class treasurer. Past experience makes it easy for Steadman, current SGA executive president, to relate to the dozens of new students that will be going through residence halls and introducing themselves to many fresh faces in the next week in preparation for the freshman class elections Sept.

NEWS 9/1/15 11:59pm

Elon Community Connections discusses challenges, solutions to race relations

All but a few seats remained as the last audience members trickled into McKinnon Tuesday evening. The diverse audience – ranging from Elon University faculty, staff and students to local community members and high school students – gathered to discuss the heavily discussed topic of race relations.  The conversation, which centered around race relations issues and solutions within education and religion, was moderated by Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and policy studies, and also included four panelists– Jim Bissett, professor of history, Barrett Brown, NAACP of Alamance County president, Patrice Fields, St.

NEWS 6/16/15 10:30am

Upcoming Elon University construction projects

Just because most students aren't busy on campus this summer, doesn't mean construction and additions comes to a halt, as well. According to Brad Moore, university architect, more than half a dozen construction projects and renovations will be taking place this summer, with a few more projects — one of them being the extension to the School of Communications — coming a few years down the road. Summer 2015 Arts West Music Production Estimated completion: Early July 2015 7,000 square feet of space in Arts West are being renovated this summer.

NEWS 6/14/15 10:57pm

Elon professor publishes fifth book on sociology of play

For many people, the word "play" might incite visions of sports, video games or board games. For Thomas Henricks, Elon University professor of sociology and anthropology, the concept of play has been at the center of his research for years, most recently resulting in his fourth and fifth published books, "Play and the Human Condition," and "The Handbook of the Study of Play." In the book "Play and the Human Condition," which was released in the spring, Henricks identified conditions that instigate playful behavior and activities. Henricks served as co-editor to “The Handbook of the Study of Play,” a compilation of essays that was also released this past spring. According to Henricks, the idea of play is hard to define because it is an expression that touches different aspects of what it means to be human; in the end it goes deeper than kicking a ball or shooting hoops. “Play is not simply sports and games,” Henricks said.

NEWS 5/2/15 2:44pm

Elon announces four speakers for 2015-2016 year

Elon University announced that four speakers — columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., violinist Itzhak Perlman, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and CEO Walter Isaacson — are scheduled to speak during the 2015-2016 year. Pitts, currently a pop culture, social and family life columnist at the Miami Herald, will deliver the Baird Pulitzer Prize Lecture. He is a former writer for Casey Kasem’s radio show “American Top 40” and author of “Becoming Dad: Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood.” Fifteen-time Grammy award winner Perlman will headline Elon’s Fall Convocation October 6 in Alumni Gym.

NEWS 4/28/15 9:25pm

After Nepal earthquake, Elon does what it can

For many, tears flowed. They gathered not only to send support to Nepal — a nation left picking up the pieces of destruction and loss after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake Saturday — but to also lend support to Elon University community members from the affected regions, helpless and far from home.  As the sunlight filtered through the large windows of the Sacred Space in the Numen Lumen Pavilion Monday afternoon, University Chaplain Jan Fuller, along with about 30 other community members, gathered, lit candles and asked, “Why?” “I want to light a candle today in the search for meaning,” Fuller said as she opened the campus gathering in the aftermath of Saturday’s Nepalese earthquake.

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