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NEWS 5/14/15 5:43pm

New Construction on Elon's Campus

Summer is around the corner for Elon students as the end of the 2015 school year approaches, but that means that work is just beginning for the university's construction.

NEWS 11/3/14 12:16am

Clinton Speaks at Raleigh in Support of Kay Hagan

Former President Bill Clinton spoke in favor of Kay Hagan, Friday at a rally held in a high school gym in Raleigh. The former president spoke to a crowd of more than 1,200 people highlighting issues concerning voting rights, equal pay for women and political campaigns increased spending amounts. "Here we are in the most expensive Senate race in the country, where you are being invited to tell yourselves and to tell the rest of America whether you're going back to being the state of the future -- where we work together and grow together," Clinton told the crowd. Clinton cites one of the largest problems in the nation to be its state of "political dysfunction" and criticized Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis for his contributions to the issue. "Kay Hagan wants to grow together and work together," Clinton said of Hagan.

NEWS 3/9/14 9:19pm

Day in the Life of a Performing Arts Major

Elon University is known for its exceptional Performing Arts all over the country, but how many actually know what it takes to be one of its dedicated members? Music theatre major Auston Henderson knows the hard work it takes to become a member of Elon's performing arts program. "Elon is one of the top places for music theatre," Henderson says.

SPORTS 2/27/14 8:38am

Curling's popularity grows in North Carolina

The Winter Olympics may have wrapped up in Sochi recently, but one of its sports is still going strong in the local area. Curling became a Winter Olympic sport in 1998 and continues to grow in popularity around the United States. The winter sport involves two teams of four sliding a stone across the ice into four concentric rings.

NEWS 2/23/14 9:56pm

Burlington production of Les Miserables opens

It's been the talk of the nation since 2012. Millions have flocked to see and experience the magical event known as Les Miserables. But for the first time, the experience can be captured locally in Burlington, N.C. Board of Director member Walter Boyd believes he knows why the show has been so popular to the community. "It's a very vocally challenging and an audience favorite, which made it very appealing to our group of singers who are out here in this area," Boyd says.

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