It's been the talk of the nation since 2012. Millions have flocked to see and experience the magical event known as Les Miserables.

But for the first time, the experience can be captured locally in Burlington, N.C.

Board of Director member Walter Boyd believes he knows why the show has been so popular to the community.

"It's a very vocally challenging and an audience favorite, which made it very appealing to our group of singers who are out here in this area," Boyd says. "We have some of the most remarkable talent. This isn't your typical community theatre production. Most people that've seen it said this is just as professional as any of the touring companies they've seen."

The Gallery Players production of Les Miserables has opened with rave reviews from the community, and the production has sold out repeatedly. Gallery Player staff and community member Steffanie Vaughn believes the production is having a unique impact on the community.

"It's the kind of show that's going to bring people to the theatre who probably don't normally come," she says. "But they know the movie - they've heard Hugh Jackman in that movie- and they are going to come and see the show. It's a tremendous thing or a community because of the outreach it encourages."

Director Walter Boyd believes Elon's theatrical history plays a huge part as well.

"Burlington has always had a terrific tradition of community theatre," Boyd says. "The gallery players that are putting this play on. They have been going well over forty years, and there is a constant need to expand audience to bring new people into the audience pool. And this is the kind of show that can do it. This Gallery Players took a very bold step. Quite honestly it's a step that some people didn't think they could do and they have done it, and done it I think very well."

"We don't have very much money we are always on a shoestring budget. We get no support from anyone except our ticket sales"...We hope everybody in Elon will come out and see some of our shows. Quite a few Elon students come and audition for our work and next year we will be doing four musicals."