Former President Bill Clinton spoke in favor of Kay Hagan, Friday at a rally held in a high school gym in Raleigh.

The former president spoke to a crowd of more than 1,200 people highlighting issues concerning voting rights, equal pay for women and political campaigns increased spending amounts.

"Here we are in the most expensive Senate race in the country, where you are being invited to tell yourselves and to tell the rest of America whether you're going back to

being the state of the future -- where we work together and grow together," Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton cites one of the largest problems in the nation to be its state of "political dysfunction" and criticized Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis for his contributions to the issue.

"Kay Hagan wants to grow together and work together," Clinton said of Hagan. "Her opponent does not want to grow together. He wants to go back to trickle down - with a vengeance. And he wants to do it with politics that divide."

Clinton also claimed Hagan to be the top choice for women, working families, women, minorities and the overall middle class.

The former president touted Hagan's support for a higher minimum wage and equal pay protections for women.

"Nobody should work 40 hours a week and have kids in the house and have to raise them in poverty," he said.

Kay Hagan, who spoke before Clinton and introduced him by saying "President Clinton is here because he knows the future is on the line right here in North Carolina."

Hagan started her rally with a direct message saying she wouldn't let the Republicans take her seat.

"I want you to help me send a message," she added. "I want it to be loud. I want it to be clear, and I want my opponent and his special interest allies to hear. I want David and Charles Koch and Karl Rove to hear this too: North Carolina is not for sale."

Hagan ended her speech to a cheering crowd and let them know one last time what she thought of Tillis.

"If we look at Speaker Tillis' record, we can see who he is fighting for and it certainly is not the middle class," Hagan said.

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