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NEWS 10/2/23 8:03am

Elon University SGA elections allow freshmen to be heard on campus

Elon University students voted in on-campus elections for freshman senators on Sept. 12. As local elections approach, alternatives to voter ID are being introduced to help students vote in off-campus local municipal elections through the new Elon Phoenix Voting card. North Carolina requires voters to present an ID, drivers’ license or university card starting in 2023.  The new Elon Phoenix Voting cards are a substitute for identification and look like the typical Phoenix ID, but are labeled with a valid “North Carolina voter” inscription, much like a U.S. real ID.

SPORTS 9/16/23 1:44pm

Elon University ultimate frisbee team sets sights on nationals

Elon University’s club ultimate frisbee team, appropriately named “Big Fat Bombs,” began an unprecedented run after starting the season being ranked 138th in its division. While this could have diminished the motivation of the team, team president Tyler Myers said he discovered the team’s value didn't reside in the speed or the strength of the individual players. Riding off the progress of last fall, the team looks to improve for this season.

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