Elon University’s club ultimate frisbee team, appropriately named “Big Fat Bombs,” began an unprecedented run after starting the season being ranked 138th in its division.

While this could have diminished the motivation of the team, President Tyler Myers quickly discovered the team’s value didn't reside in the speed or the strength of the individual players, but in its members’ ability to focus on their passion for the sport and unity as a team. 

In regard to their unprecedented run last fall, sophomore Scott Katz said the team can only get better from here. 

“Last year we went into the year with no expectations at all. Once we got into the spring season we kind of started to believe that we could be something,” Katz said. “We made it farther than anyone wanted to give us credit for, including ourselves.”

The team made it so far, in fact, that the Big Fat Bombs found themselves heading onto the field for a potential trip to nationals. The only obstacle was neighboring High Point University — a “strong rivalry,” according to junior Myles Sawin.

High Point handed Elon a one-point defeat, leaving the Big Fat Bombs to look to one another and begin building back up for the next season. 

“While it was extremely frustrating to not make nationals, we were so close, and we have such a bright future,” said sophomore Reed Burkert. 

Three weeks into the 2023-24 season, the team’s members make it no secret what their goals are.

“We also have some really good freshmen this year and we are holding ourselves to the idea that we will be at nationals this year. That’s the expectation,” Kalen Morrison, the team’s captain, said.